The end of every semester is always hard, from papers and projects to seemingly endless performances. As a music major it seems that most of my culminating projects are performances (my junior recital, two large ensemble concerts, and a chamber ensemble concert). Unfortunately, when the performances are over the only thing I’m left with is my academic work, and thankfully, somewhat, this semester my academic work is writing papers rather than exams & papers or just exams.

End of the semesters also mean change, to an extent. This being my third year of university, means this is my last true summer break EVER, I’ll be graduating in a year, and on the other side is real life. Considering the only thing I have really done so far in my life is going to school and playing the saxophone, I’m a bit nervous about what life looks like on the other side.

I am truly grateful for those who have supported me mentally, emotionally, academically, spiritually, musically, and so many other adverbs in helping me become the person that God has intended me to be. Your love and discipline, your affirmations and critiques, your presence and distance have made and is making me intoa person that I never knew I could be and guess what, I kind of even like this person I am and am becoming!

From the bottom of my heart, y’all are truly blessed for being an incredible blessing in my life and many others. Thank you.

Graciously yours,