At the very least, you can say ‘you made a difference.

– Brian Walls, Habitat for Humaity Site Supervisor

These are the words that really hammered in the fact that despite me not wanting to give my time and energy to helping Habitat for Humanity on their Build for Unity Day, I did help and my helping made a difference. It may have not been very much (helped out tracks and studs along one wall of a common room), it was something. Myself and the five others that I worked with, we can truly say we helped Habitat build condos for families that need affordable housing in the incredibly expensive city of New York.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to build, get a little dirty, and learn some things about construction in a format that I till yesterday morning would not have taken advantage of, most likely, ever. It may have been incredibly tiring, but I will be back on a Habitat build site sometime in the future and I pray that you have the opportunity to be blessed by being a blessing to others.

Build for Unity is a special build day that Habitat for Humanity hosts every year across the country and (I believe) across the world, in which Habitat asks for different groups of people from various faith backgrounds to come alongside each other and work together to help build a residence for those that applied and were accepted as future Habitat homeowners. I was introduced to Build for Unity because the Muslim-Christian Dialogue at NYU was hosting an event and I volunteered my time. This is not the only unique build days that Habitat hosts; Habitat also has a Women Build day, LGBT Build, and Singles Build, here in New York. Feel free to check out your local Habitat website or the organization’s page to find out more details about how you can get involved and/or apply for affordable housing.

Build on,