The best and typically most ill-scheduled week of every academic year, whether way to early or too early, spring break happens. This is a, belated, spring break reflection post and pre-flection post. What I mean is that I’m going to be looking back at the spring breaks I’ve had so far in my college career as well as my last spring break as a student.

To begin, spring break has always been that one week every academic year that all my friends were stoked about going to a specific place and I rarely ever knew where I’d be going. My first year, I was more or less sent to Texas to visit family (which was pretty rad); last year, my mother and sister came to visit me in Prague (can’t complain about that either); and this year, I went down south to visit some family and had a layover in Washington, D.C. on the way there and back. The most recent was interesting for a variety of personal reasons, which I won’t go into, but my favorite part was my return layover in D.C. I was able to go touristing (it’ll become a word eventually), from Union Station to the National Mall. I hoped to have time to go into a museum, however it didn’t work out with traffic. The last time I was in D.C. and touristing was about seven years ago for the very American east-cost tradition of a trip to the nation’s capital.  

To say the least, after spending four months in Europe, I have only encouraged the travel bug that was nurtured into me. In my opinion, there’s not much that is better than walking around a city and seeing what is there and what it has to offer, to experience that city’s culture through personal observation rather than through a guide book or even a tour guide. It’s truly amazing what is sitting around the very next corner and all the history that lies along, in, and under a city’s streets.

I want to challenge you to outside, in YOUR city/metropolitan area/campus/outdoor space, and walk around for an hour. No data, no wifi, only a trusted offline-capable map (Google Maps) and see what you can find. Or, if you’re more like me, see what’s already there and figure out how to get there offline.

Happy traveling,