This is a quick one, about a birthday party!

I feel like there is nothing better than those that you love and that love you showing how much they love you, this time in the form of a surprise birthday party. No, it is not my birthday. I did, however, plan a surprise birthday party for a dear friend of mine earlier this evening. I literally told her that her surprise party was going to be today, so I do not think that she actually realized that I was serious about throwing her a party!

I want to challenge you to go out of your way to show someone that you love and appreciate them, and without material possessions. The company of good friends make for longer memories than flowers that wither within a week and chocolate eaten within a few minutes to days. But, all people need to eat, so good food and beverages can also show how much one cares for another. And, if one cannot make some grand gesture a birthday text and/or card, are amazing as well. To be thought of on special days by friends is great especially when you have not been in contact because it just shows how much that friend still means to one.

Spread the love and yell “surprise,”