I attend a university that has an atypical academic calendar; simply, my semesters start later than most universities and I also have more time between fall and spring semesters. Which, therefore, gives students (or at least me) time to think, be bored, and not do the few things they (me) have to get done while they are (I am) home. Since I am clearly talking about myself, I might as well use the first person!

One of the things that I have been thinking about is how life seems to be changing so quickly. It does not help in the slightest that the post-secondary system is, most likely, an unintentional way to extend childhood. Small tangent aside, this time last year I was packing up my things so that I could spend a semester away in Central Europe. I was able to travel to several other countries, learn another language, and learn so much about the world and most importantly myself. And, in a year from now, I will be walking across a stage, I assume, not receiving a very expensive piece of paper, because the university will send it to me, eventually.

Another thing I have been thinking about is all of the things that I am juggling, and the semester has not actually started yet. From trainings to meetings, I have a few obligations this last week of break. I feel quite stressed from “all of the things,” even though I have far more free time this week than time I am devoting to obligations. My sense of free time has been skewed a lot this break, since the most common things I do are eat, sleep and watch Netflix.

Enough moping, the amazing things that are going on right now: I am a part of an amazing interfaith opportunity supported by my university; I accepted a position on another leadership team, in which I will be able to help serve my brothers and sisters in Christ (which basically means I get to do the two things I love- music and loving on others); I will be having a recital later this semester which will be a unique experience, until I have to do it again; veganism is going well with positive and noticeable results; this might be the year I become a gym rat (basically a healthier vegan); I am falling even more in love with cooking (be prepared for many more recipe posts, especially since there is one in the works!); and the future looks bright, at least from my perspective (things may not be going well all over the place, but I have a hope that is greater than my cunning, the president-elect, and the world combined, because my hope and my joy lie in things unseen and it is about time that I start sharing that joy and hope here)!

Here is to a new year and making the changes for a better, brighter future by taking one leap, step, or inch at a time,