As some of you may know, my momma was in town this weekend. She insisted that we go see a Broadway show; the logic being when is the next time we are going to see a Broadway show on Broadway? I simply could not argue with that logic.

We spent quite a bit of time trying to decide which show to see, and how much she is willing to spend on a ticket, before the handling and taxed fees that are always added on when using TodayTix. As you probably guessed, we eventually picked Fiddler on the Roof, with some help of friends majoring in musical theatre and/or have seen the reimagination of Fiddler.

I am so beyond excited, still, that we chose to see Fiddler, it was so good. As a Religious Studies minor, I actually picked up on a lot of the religious content in the musical, from the clothing and stage design to some of the cheekier lines delivered by Tevye. My aforementioned friends told my mother and I that the costumes and choreography had be reimagined most, while maintaining the integrity of the original show but with some more modern flair.

I realize that this is not much of a review but more a reflection, and since I have not critiqued this show almost at all, I will recommend this show for any of you who have the chance to see it!

Enjoy the show,