As a musician and a university student, I am expected to make music regularly and consistently, whether that is on paper composing, on a computer composing, sitting in a practice room practicing, or even sitting in a rehearsal rehearsing. For one course this semester, I am required to make electronic music. Since this was something I was already doing, I thought this was just going to be a space to create my own music, however, that is not how it panned out. By about half way through the semester, this became a chore and just another mere homework assignment that I could put off till later. Throughout the semester, my motivation to compose dwindled until it got to the point where I just had to force the “genuine” musical experience from myself, and I just could not, so I did not. So, to leave this walk down discouraged memory lane, let us talk about the music!

I had to both write music and write about the music, the music-making process, and other facets of electronic music making. I have created five pieces (not songs, because “songs” have lyrics), all electronically and mostly on GarageBand, but they are all individual and unique because of the headspace I was in when creating them. The first piece, “Phantastixx” is based on a crush I had, so it is to be reminiscent of lofty drifting thoughts, a daydream (as is a definition of “phantasy”). The second, “Attixx” is to be a darker version of some of the attic scenes in Beetlejuice, where the evil version of the town miniature has captured Adam and Barbara, kills them (or at least her), and parties. The third, “Vehicular Fluxx” was the most difficult for me to make because I had to incorporate environmental sounds and turn “noise” into “music.” It is a little shorter than I prefer, but it will be okay because I have to remix a sound I created, and guess what is getting remixed? The fourth, “The 21st Admixx” is a remix of a peer’s work, “The 21.” And, the last, so far is “Peripetatixx” which was made on my phone! I personally doubted from the beginning that this song would, honestly, be a work of crap, but finding some really cool and user-friendly applications that this is possibly my favorite piece I created this semester! The last will be “Vehicular Influxx,” as I said earlier will be a remix (more of an admix) of “Vehicular Fluxx.” I have deemed this collection of work an EP, in which I titled “Thinxx about Academixx.” Feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think!

Happy listening,