There’s nothing better than spending Thanksgiving with family unless you cannot be with your biological family for whatever reason in this season of thanksgiving and reflection, so then the best thing then is spending Thanksgiving with the family that you got some say in, your friends.

This was my first Thanksgiving as a vegan AND my first away from family. There were a few reasons: I was just home, my family does not really know how to accommodate my new diet, I wanted to experience Thanksgiving in the city, and I wanted to host my first ever Friendsgiving.

For Friendsgiving, I invited several friends over to enjoy a great vegan meal and sometime with others that were in the city, if but for the evening. As host and chef, the menu consisted of various completely vegan entrees and sides, from penne with a choice of two sauces to burgers. The menu did not have any traditional Thanksgiving options, mostly because I do not know how to make those and they probably are not vegan! The menu* consisted of:

I am beyond grateful for my two great friends that helped me cook and clean from 14.30 to 23.00. I am beyond grateful for those that came over and enjoyed a meal and the company of friends. I am beyond grateful for the ability to cook for myself and others. I am beyond grateful for the thousands of vegan recipes at my disposal that made this meal possible. I am beyond grateful for the heart that the Lord has given me to want to care for His children. I am beyond grateful for so much that my gratitude does not seem to be genuine, but do not worry, this language is quite limiting; I can show you my gratitude better than I can say.

Stay #GrateFall,

*All recipes will be linked as soon as those recipes are posted separately! Have fun cooking up a vegan storm!